L+F Wedding // DIY: FideLeon Marquee letters

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Ahhh I've been way too busy these days, all my weekends are occupied with bridal makeup jobs, but at least I'm having lots of fun! I wanted to share another wedding DIY that i did for #FideLeonWedding. 

Sometimes it feels like we have been married for so long already since we're living together now, 2 more months to our 1 year anniversary!! OMG has it been almost a year?! My brain is not really processing this information right now haha.. 2 more months?!

Hello Riri! Hahaha yes we hired a mascot guy to trot around and take photos with our guests in the Rilakkuma mascot Leon bought to propose to me at Switch last year. So darn cute or what?

I'm not going to share the step-by-step of this DIY since i follow this tutorial on Oh Happy Day!

Printed out letter templates and cutting them out one by one on card stock paper, ooowwwww i remember how achy and painful my fingers after i was done ALL of with this.

Leon helped by dropping a pack of satay sticks on his toe and bleeding to death. No not really, but he helped with the fun stuff, spray painting the letters! We used the satay stick to secure and hold it up to air dry after we were done spray painting each letter.

Almoooooooost done!

Instead of globe lights i bought these little Christmas tree decoration balls from IKEA and hot glue them on and i think i like this effect a lot more!

Definitely one of my favorite DIYs I've done so far! I'm using the F and L to display in our room now! Maybe I'll display the entire FIDELEON again when our house is ready next year!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.